This season we’ll talk to leaders, across a wide variety of industries, to learn what it’s like to ride that edge and own it.

We’ll hear what separates those special teams from the more ordinary experiences – the kind, if we’re lucky, we get to be a part of maybe three or four times in our life.

Join me, Tim Leman, Chairman and CEO of Gibson—as we discuss, leading on the edge.

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成功可以通过几种不同的镜头看到。Edge希望您将其视为史诗。与不同的行业领导者坐下来,听听领导着改变生活的边缘的故事。在每一集中,首席执行官蒂姆·莱曼(Tim Leman)和他的客人分享了企业家精神的故事以及领先优势的风险。